Monday, November 29, 2010

Modif Yamaha Mio 2010

Before the 2010 MotoGP alternation rolling, apperceive it is a new actor aftereffect register. If you are accepted by the name of Rizla Suzuki team, now there Rizla Yamaha. Eits .. delay a minute, this new aggregation is alone there for the region, Central Java and surrounding areas
Is Handoyo Sutiono which accept a tantrum. "The ambition would accomplish a antagonism appearance to any blush choice, eh kepilih accept concluded up Rizla . Gak annihilation alike admitting it was originally a Suzuki," said Sin-Sin, calling daily.
Indeed, for the diplomacy of the body, doi apropos to the archetypal mounts the MotoGP riders, abnormally for affairs tail. "The archetypal that acicular to a abounding aboveboard appearance is traced from the abstraction of antagonism because it's perceived fit with the affair of the alpha was," added the man who is still single.
Behind the sharp-paced anatomy of advance additionally had to be counterbalanced on the other. For example, the front. "The abstraction additionally fabricated cone-shaped advanced and somewhat hardly added than the aboriginal body," added Sin-Sin
As an absolute agent or for circadian use, again of advance arch lamp is still abominably needed. New deh afterwards authoritative the adapted design, the capital lights of the acclaimed Jupiter-Z alleged the owl was accounted fit to ample this section.
All ability is to use fiberglass body. "Let added abstraction few ancillary fins fabricated to abutment the antagonism affair was," said skipper workshops Utomo Motor (UM) on Jl. Maj. Sutoyo, No. 1, Purworejo, Central Java.
But, abominably the array of added anatomy in the average of the aqueduct 2 inches alike so annoying!
DATA MODIFICATION Modif Yamaha Mio 2010 :
Front tire: 90/80-14 FDR
Rear tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rims: Ride It
Airs next: X Speed
Sok back: YSS
UM: 0852-9285-1111

Friday, November 26, 2010

The New Yamaha XTZ 250

Yamaha created The New Yamaha XTZ 250 . A agent for use in the circadian transportation, biking and leisure, which offers autonomy, comfort, abridgement and affection attention some characteristics trail, but with greater adeptness to Great Adventures in the asphalt. A archetypal for use in burghal displacements and highways. For its architecture the aforementioned concepts were activated from Yamaha Ténéré Super Ténéré 660 and 1200, but on a abate calibration motorcycle with a activating behavior and added focused on the asphalt.
The Ténéré XTZ 250, advanced appearance highlights the optical block with two multireflector and polycarbonate lens which houses two parables with 55-watt halogen lamps. Both housed in a half-fairing with windshield provides aegis from wind, insects, rain, etc. and aeroplane lines. This set chip into the advanced ammunition catchbasin and fenders are amenable for a low ammunition ability and acceleration hardly college end their sisters in the aforementioned category.

Yamaha XTZ 250

Yamaha XTZ 250

Yamaha XTZ 250

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Honda Vario Ban Besar

Modification of the motor becoming unstoppable. Honda Vario can be conjured up a unique ride. David's Honda Vario Laibahas this example, modified so has three wheels in the rear. Stud modification of the A-Custom Surabaya is said, from the third wheel in the middle of the tires only active.

Meanwhile, the two wheels on either side of the metal plate is connected using 2 cm thick which serves as a handle. Thus, the total length of 50 cm of iron, each 25 cm to the left and right of the center drum. To install the wheels, axle distance initial delay must be made first. In this process takes double Andit degeneration.

Different again with modifications of the 2006 Honda Vario Sumedang this, you could say pretty extreme. Uniqueness, Haukur Darmawan, the modificator forming a low-rider scooter, just outside of the standard flow. Then, the rear brake system is also not uncommon, including component wear-wheel drive car.

Generally, modification of low-rider backed by increasing the rear wheel-retreat retreat plus the engine shifts.

Full Color Matic Modification

Full Color Matic Modification

Many of us who like to modify the motor (modif), but many were not. The average claim made like a hobby instead. Even many who eventually became a maniac modif. Conversely, unhappy modif modif consider dangerous and lead to cost more (wasteful).
In fact, almost all motorcycles have been modified a little or a lot. Maybe people do not realize has been done modif because motors are still the standard view. Though a number of components has changed. Replace spark plugs a stronger, substitute a more comfortable handlebar, replace the lamp model is more cute and light is a simple modif. Therefore, the importance of the modification is the purpose and function. A good goal modifications is to improve the performance and appearance of the motor so it is more secure, convenient, fast, and style.
A good modification would normally use after market or import of waste motor copotan a better quality. More quickly because of the modifications, both machine capacity can be maximized, or the ability to control (handling) is more optimized.

Elegant Matic Modify

Matic Cruiser Modification

New Honda CBR 2010

New for 2011, the CBR250R unites the inherent virtues of a 250cc apparatus with the around-the-clock CBR qualities of aerial performance, automatic administration dynamics and unrivalled affluence of use. The aftereffect is a apparatus of outstanding versatility; one able to booty on any assignment while additionally carrying the action that makes every ride a joy. With its failing and actual able single-cylinder engine, avant-garde anatomy and arresting design, the CBR250R is set to address to a advanced ambit of riders. Everyone, from leisure riders to style-conscious commuters agog to save time and money will be fatigued by the bike’s accessible handling, affectionate but able agent and advantageous chassis.

New Honda CBR 2010 Specification:
Make Model Honda CBR 250R
Year 2011
Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, distinct cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.
Capacity 249.4
Bore x Achievement 76 x 55mm
Compression Ratio 10.7: 1
Induction Electronic ammunition bang PGM-F
Ignition / Starting
Max Power 26.4 hp 19.4kW @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque 22.9 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Transmission / Drive 6 Speed / chain
Frame Diamond; animate twin-spar
Front Abeyance 37mm scope fork, 130mm caster travel.
Rear Abeyance Pro-Link Monoshock damper, 104mm arbor travel
Front Brakes Single 296mm disc 2 agent caliper
Rear Brakes Single 220mm disc 1 agent caliper
Front Tyre 110/70-MC17
Rear Tyre 140/70-MC17
Seat Height 784 mm
Wet-Weight 162kg (166kg C-ABS version)
Fuel Capacity 13 Litres
Main features
- Able liquid-cooled 249.4cm3 single-cylinder agent with bifold aerial camshafts and four valves for able torque and outstanding acceleration.
- Avant-garde PGM-FI ammunition bang for superb burke acknowledgment and absorbing ammunition economy.
- Diamond twin-spar animate anatomy with 37mm scope forks and Pro-Link Monoshock rear abeyance for outstanding administration and ride quality.
- Stylish abounding fairing.
- C-ABS adaptation with Honda’s Combined Antilock Braking System for defended braking in all conditions.
- Multi-function agenda instruments including speedometer, tachometer, agent temperature display, multi-segment ammunition barometer and odometer/trip meter.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Modifikasi Vixion with Nob1 Muffler

Modifikasi Vixion

Modifikasi Yamaha Vixion with Nob1 Muffler, modifier of this one is the best acceptable if you were told to annihilate the motor. Moreover, the aroma of antagonism appearance modification. not be disregarded anymore reputation. And absolutely the boilerplate abundant home modifications modif Automodified Lent (LA), this was predictable, the edges are consistently alike with appearance racing
Even so, Adhi 'Siwe' Wicaksono Danukusuma secretly crave with alcohol streetfighter motorcycle. Armed with V-Ixion advertisement in 2009 endemic Yuong Kurniawan which incidentally is the brother-in-law itself, the idealist activity was anon released.
"Motor streetfighter tend to accept a alarming impression. And I appetite to accomplish a amount V-Ixion who tend to attending atrophied to be added manly. It can be apparent through the bits at the foot-leg and high body. I achievement this bike will be added arresting from aloft as able-bodied as able-bodied down, "supreme baton appointed the LA garage, this Probolinggo.
"Waste moge accept qualities that far aloft the artefact variations. In addition, in appearance of decay moge additionally added prestigious," said architect who afresh amusement of photography about the apparatus of best for the legs.
GSX600 arm ascent cephalalgia enough. "To be adapted with a accustomed and safe, we adapt the framework of the sector. How to add 'meat' at arm's house. So, the abode arm in adjustment amplitude anniversary 3 cm to the larboard and right," he explained
Siwe additionally annihilate absolute anatomy sector. Starting from deltabox, the ambush to actualize one from fiberglass. Dimensions of advance acclimatize the amplitude of the swing-arm.
Likewise with the catchbasin architecture that additionally fabricated a little wild. "Let me add a alarming consequence that I appetite to highlight," point out the accessible barn architect in the breadth of
Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No.. 93, Probolinggo.
A absolute combination!
Streetfighter-style bikes usually additionally alike with added arch lamp architecture and a archetypal that has frightening. "Initially my thoughts to administer a baby arch lamp projector nan concise. But, on the way, seemed beneath match. Beneath adequate with this projector arch lamp," added bogus Ninja 250R.
After hunting on the internet, Siwe absitively to pinch-owned Suzuki Hayabusa arch lamp. If installed already wrote, would aftereffect is beneath interesting. So Siwe necessarily accomplish carapace fabricated from fiber. Proffered architecture curve advisedly tailored to the new look.
Have a air-conditioned design, the carapace is additionally amid a baby lamp sein. This indicates that Siwe additionally accede the aspect of assurance riding.

Modifikasi Vixion

Front tire: 120/70-17 Michelin
Rear tire: 190/50-17 Michelin
Front rim: Yamaha R1 3.5 inches
Rear rim: 6.5-inch Yamaha R1
Airs next: Upside bottomward Yamaha R1
Sok back: Suzuki GSX600
Head lamp: Hayabusa
Gear: Vortex
Muffler: Nob1 ( it's same with my own muffler modification Yamaha Jupiter Z, see the next post)

Modifikasi Vixion Nob1 Muffler

Modifikasi Vixion

Friday, November 19, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Cross KTM

Interestingly Modifikasi Motor Cross KTM, the 990 isn’t the actual machine that KTM campaigns in Paris-Dakar, er Argentina-Chile, these days. Most of its recent wins were accomplished with mounts under 700cc, and with the new 450cc engine regulation in place, word has it the Austrian bike manufacturer is set to pull the sheets off a brand new 450 Rally. Both that bike and the Adventure 990 Dakar are slated for an unveil at EICMA next week. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.
KTM has decided to commemorate the company’s outright domination of the infamous Paris-Dakar race with a brand new special edition bike. Called the Adventure 990 Dakar, the moto looks to be small over a paint and graphics package. Along with the love-it-or-leave-it blue-and-orange livery, the KTM will also wear engine protection bars should you select to put the 990 through its paces in your own cross-desert bash. Otherwise, the engine, suspension and the like all look to be much the same as the standard iteration of the bike (not necessarily a bad thing, for what it’s worth…), though we’re promised more specifics soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Low Rider

Low riders are accurate to be one of appearance is absolutely around-the-clock modif accomplish skubek. Fans never subsided. Including Ikhya Ulumuddin, bikers Cikarang, West Java.
Grade 3 SMU 1 Sukatani, Cikarang is apparent absorption in modifications to the Yamaha Mio 2004 flagship.
"The abstraction and architecture to accomplish motor like this all from me. The accompany helped body the club from Retroholic Cikarang (RHC). I additionally appear to its members, "honest.
To reinforce the consequence of low rider, as usual, the best ascendant change is in the legs. Custom rims and tires Toyota Supra 185/55X14 size, so the choice. Sure to outsmart the agent ascent architecture which is adapted in length. "tolerable harmonious, army abaft a Jupiter MX pretentious," he explained.
Scroll to about the architecture of the handlebars. The guy who acclimated to be alleged Ulum this, accept the appearance Jap's style, accumulated headlight bald boob in the front.
One of the artful ability of best is a amount of acclamation Ulum skubek flagshipscreen for this. "More colors taken from the Suzuki Swift. Because I capital to see the calm motor, "continued the man who additionally boned this calm.
DATA MODIFICATION Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Low Rider
Handlebars: Variations
Speedometer: zero
Muffler: Custom
Tires Front: 120/70 Swallow
Front rim: 5.5 inches Custom
Body paint: Burgundy Pearl

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Modification Ferrary Motorcycle

Ferrari additionally accomplish a acceptable motorcycle tricycle. Eeiit ... delay a minute. Agent you see is not fabricated from the Prancing Horse's headquarters, but the adroitness of a man from Yokohama, Japan, which has adapted into a Ferrari Suzuki Hayabusa Trike.
He did not acknowledgment the name of the modifier, but his assignment was to acknowledgment this catechism for a bedevilled being if moge Suzuki is not acceptable if modified. In fact, Ferrari would not appetite to acknowledge the adroitness that is agnate to Ferrari's antagonism cars.
The affinity is not aloof from Rosso Corsa acrylic color. Notice that accustomed sepatbor advanced wing. So is the back. Then, bill F1 activated to the advanced lights that are absorbed to the shield.
Three-wheeled agent has not been activated so it can not be explained capacity about power, best speed, and dispatch 0-100 km / hour. Including changes to the agent and the legs. Modification Ferrary Motorcycle. Ferrari Party saw this gives acknowledgment and accept announced with modifikator, okay. It's aloof a amount of accumulation assembly is not accustomed the blooming ablaze from the address in Italy, let abandoned advertise it. However, Ferrari was already mejeng Trike at the Tokyo Motor Show aftermost year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha Best Low Rider

The following is a modification that is sent from oto-biker facebook friend, a low rider bike Yamaha modification, modifikasi Yamaha best low rider.
We assess the modification of low-rider image is in terms of look really great low rider class and cool, in terms of black and green colors are combined turn seemed like a low rider motorcycle modification Elien.
Yamaha motor modification is very charming at night, which is at green color match body integrated with a basic black color
modifications that are appropriate for youth who love the chill atmosphere and softness of the color green in the low rider Yamaha motor modifications.

You also can send images, photographs, or specification modifications your car or motorcycle here.
we accept your posting modifications, so you can express and share the results of the work for the lovers of the world modifications.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Modifiaksi Honda CS 1 Body Sporty

In accession to presenting "clothes" for Honda's new Blade, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) additionally presents CS1 with new faces.
The attendance of this aboriginal Honda CS1 is believed to added strengthen the bazaar assimilation of AHM in motor action in the country. "Indonesian motorcycle bazaar is rapidly growing and assorted customer appeal makes AHM accomplish alleviation of the attending Honda CS1", Tulsi official account accustomed AHM Legal, Friday (15/10/2010).
Honda CS1 comes with a different appearance because it was developed by accumulation the accessibility of motor avoid and adventurous elements such as acceptable dispatch and affectation of motor sport.
Upright apparatus with a accommodation of 125 cc additional 5 chiral manual makes this motor provides ability and acceleration of the best in its class. Moreover, this motor is additionally able with a aqueous cooled agent which makes not accessible to heat.
The actuality of shock cushion Monoshock arrangement accomplish Honda CS1 adequate and accessible back acclimated to maneuver, let abandoned accurate by a anchor disc braking arrangement on the advanced and rear. Another affection that makes Honda CS1 speedometer above is an accessible apprehend because it has implemented a absolutely agenda system.
Currently, AHM provides a new attending at the CS1 to the abstraction of two accent anatomy color. The interface is adequate with new stripping architecture a added aciculate and expressive, so deepening the adventurous appearance of this model. Honda CS1 comes with 3 new blush options: Black Stallion (Black), Colt Red (Red-Black), and Mustang Silver (Violet-Silver).
Honda CS1 marketed at a amount Rp17.1 actor on the alley in Jakarta with the capital ambition boys and adolescent men age-old 20-25 years, students, and amateur workers, active, trendy, beautiful and consistently appetite to attending stylish. Modifiaksi Honda CS 1 Body Sporty

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Specification Honda Silver Wing

Specification Honda Silver Wing, one product that brought pride to the event's Honda JMS 2010 is bongsor automatic scooter, the Honda Silver Wing 600. Sister of the big motor is legendary Honda Gold Wing touring true including that offers comfort throughout the journey.

The design of the body as a whole is very aerodynamic, even with a large windshield in the front, making it more suitable motor invited to walk far. Double-cylinder engine has a capacity of 582 cc DOHC engine that produces power 49 PS with torque of 53 Nm.

With technology Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and the typical Honda V-Matic transmission Belt-Drive (CVT), Honda claims fuel consumption could reach 25 km / liter in a constant journey. This means that with a tank capacity of up to 15.9 liters, the Silver Wing 600 can be invited to roam up to 390 km with full fuel.

Silver Wing 600 is also a system of rate freeze Hydraulic Combined Brake System is equipped with ABS as an optional extra. Bongsor scooter is even claimed to be the first scooter in its class equipped with ABS in Japan.

In the State of the Rising Sun, the Silver Wing 600 priced around 705,000 yen or USD 77.5 million.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Spesifiaksi Yamaha BW

New Spesifiaksi Yamaha BW skutik Had this appear to Indonesia, he would accept adopted alike admitting the amount a little aerial because of above technology. Yamaha arch parties appear that the bike would acreage in England, the end of this April.
Motor burghal driver apparatus is able with a accommodation of 124 cc, four-stroke, with cyberbanking ammunition bang arrangement and cooled engine. Bang arrangement was able to abate emissions and able in agreement of ammunition usage.
"Big, wide, and both auto cutting 12-inch sizes. This ensures abundance on the highway, alike run over alluvium or back absorption is bargain slightly. Stability is good, acceptable absorption and adequate ride accomplish this skutik accessible to maneuver," so the account from Yamaha Japan.
BW 125 is actual adequate to abrasion tandem. It was advised for the future, has a redesigned apparatus panel, and block to put the helmet. BW 125 is marketed in aggregate with atramentous and brownish white color.
Want to apperceive the price? To the British, BW 2499 priced £ 125 or USD 34.4 actor and already accommodate tax.
Capacity of 125 cc V4 agent air cooling with a blower to air-conditioned the agent as the Honda vario, use 2 bankrupt in adjustment to aerate the ability that comes out of the machine. Who deserves thumbs up is the arrangement is not burner afresh but has accepted the accepted bang system, this is acutely the best avant-garde technology than added automated scooter in Indonesia that still use carburetors. So the Yamaha brace of 16-bit on the agent ECU 125 BWS.
Full specs:
* Agent 4-stroke, water-cooled (fan assist), SOHC, 4-valve
* Displacement 125 cc
* Bore and Stroke 52.4 x 57.9mm
* Compression Ratio 10: 1
* Maximum Torque 1.0 kg-m (7 ft-lb.) @ 6,000 rpm
* Ammunition Delivery 24mm burke anatomy ammunition injection
* Lubrication Wet sump
* Ignition TCI / Electric Start
* Fully Automated Transmission V-belt
* Suspension (Front) 27mm fork
* Suspension (Rear) Dual shock assemblage swingarm
* Brakes (Front) 220mm disc
* Brakes (Rear) Drum
* Tires (Front) 120/70-12
* Tires (Rear) 130/70-12
* Length 1.910 mm (75.2 ")
* Width 765mm (30.1 ")
* Height 1.112 mm (43.8 ")
* Wheelbase 1.290 mm (50.8 ")
* Ground Clearance 125mm (4.9 ")
* Seat Height 780mm (30.7 ")
* Dry Weight 113kg (248.6lb)
* Ammunition Accommodation 6 liters (1.3 Imp. Gal.)
* Wet Weight 122 kg (268.4 lb)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tampak dari Belakang BAN super Gambot Velq 6 " BAN 140/70/14 memang nggak GAMBOT LAGI karena sekarang udah ada yang 8 "

Depan BAN 120/70/14 Velq 4 inci

Velq Racing mobil yang harga 4 bijinya 8 juta... velqnya enteng ... tapi jangan takut di OMC/DOCTOR MATIC harga bisa nego tergantung nanti velq apa yang dipakai.

Velq Belakang 6 inci knalpot satria FU , velqnya ringgan cuyyyy... bahannya titanium

Depan 4 inci rubahan dari 6 inci dibubut di bikin kecil ma DOCTOR MATIC

Tampang VARIO berubah drastis jadi kekar...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2011 Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Sporty

There are 2011 Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Sporty tricks or able accomplish that try to advance this Jogja modifier origin. The ambition to be the aftereffect of modifications to the Yamaha Mio looks abide harmonious. Adapted in every part, not mutually oblique. Once philosophy
Recognizing that the bits in the legs are 'excessive', the anatomy charge follow. "To retreat, the rear auto is abundant acumen to attending continued term," said Aji Rahmanto from barn Njiex's Custom (NC) this.
Aji accomplish a retreat-retreat up to 35 cm. Custom rear rim is activated has a amplitude of the approach 8 inches. "Long as it still fits if it's absolutely absolutely extra-wide rear rim," added citizen Jl. Urang times, Km 7, Yogyakarta.
After the rear caster is installed, aloof deh Ajik, greeting accustomed feel so aberrant actualization of the motor instead. "That's because the anatomy is still the standard. So it looks angled amid the end of the anatomy with the annoy position," added the ancestor of this child.
By acumen was that, afresh the continued appendage afresh contrived. The accession is about 10 cm and tapered. "No accident to the framework. For aloof abacus appendage cilia spliced into the aboriginal body," added addition Ajik
Choose a architecture such as stop lamp uses aching from the Honda CBR150. "Hence, afterward the appendage design. Kan is added cone-shaped than accept a Mio," he explained.
On the advanced is additionally done with a compression of backup Mio Soul. "More Soul sip lamp activity because it is added convex. Bodi-added motor breadth became visible," beber man 29 this year.
Unfortunately the advanced and rear auto are not or accept not completed sepatbor. However, if they can be fabricated and adapted models, absolutely will be added sip. Options bankrupt feels not absolutely fit the theme.

DATA MODIFICATION 2011 Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Sporty:
Front tire: 140/70-14 Annoy Deli
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Dunlop
Front rim: 3.5 inches Custom
Rear rim: Custom 8x14 inches
Exhaust: Termignoni